MCU has been part of Mitchelstown and the surrounding communities for the last 54 years. The credit union has looked at how Covid-19 has impacted the local economy and communities, and felt it was imperative that we give back as much as we can.

For that reason we have created ‘The Local Loan’. The concept of “The Local Loan” is that MCU will give a discounted loan rate of 7.9% to members borrowing money to spend locally. We hope this discounted rate will encourage our members to purchase and shop local. So whether you are buying a Car in Knocklong, using a builder from Kildorrery or using a Carpenter from Burncourt, MCU wants to lend to you.

Mitchelstown is an area steeped in the principals of co-operatives and we as a community organisation feel it’s important we support those members who support local business and the local economy in general. We feel that ‘The Local Loan’ is the best loan from our members, the local business’s/employers and the community.

Our members have shown great loyalty to MCU in recent years and we hope this small gesture helps you and your community in the coming months.