International Credit Union (ICU) Day® is celebrated each year on the third Thursday in October. The event, while a global one, offers excellent opportunities to promote credit unions at local level, while also informing the community about the real and beneficial impact credit unions have on people’s lives the world over.

International Credit Union day takes place this year on Thursday 15th October. WOCCU has chosen the theme ‘Inspiring Hope For a Global Community’ to mark this year’s celebration. It speaks to how credit unions around the globe have continued to provide a high level of service to their members and demonstrated a generosity to their local communities during the COVID-19 crisis that has set them apart from other financial institutions. We are truly inspiring hope for a global credit union community.

The credit union movement’s cooperative spirit is embraced by 274 million members served by more than 85,000 credit unions in 118 countries worldwide.

We are lucky to be part of an industry that cares so much for its members and the community. We believe in the credit union difference.

Happy International Credit Union Day

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