12 tips for Fighting Fraud this Festive Season: Be Informed, Be Alert, Be Secure – Be FraudSMART

As we approach the festive season, FraudSMART is here to ensure your safety. Both consumers and businesses need to be vigilant against frauds and scams during this busy time.

Everyone is a target especially with the increasing complexity of frauds and scams and during the festive season when we’re all busy enjoying this time of year. Fraudsters target us through various channels, including emails, social media, and phone calls.

Here are 12 essential tips to help you stay safe: 

  1. Never click on unsolicited links in texts or emails.
  2. Avoid public Wi-Fi for online purchases; use a secure connection.
  3. Keep your computer’s security up to date with reliable antivirus and browser software.
  4. Shop directly from trusted retailers’ websites. 
  5. Be cautious of unbelievable deals or miracle products.
  6. Use reputable payment suppliers or Verified by VISA/Mastercard Secure Code.
  7. Watch out for fake calls from your bank or utility companies.
  8. Purchase tickets from secure and reputable websites.
  9. Limit personal information sharing on social media. 
  10. Avoid saving passwords on your mobile device unless necessary, and protect your phone with a passcode.
  11. Your bank will never ask for your full PIN or online banking passwords. If in doubt, call your bank using the number on your card.
  12. Report any suspected fraud to your bank immediately.

Stay safe and enjoy the festive season without falling victim to scams. Be vigilant and share these tips with your loved ones to help protect them as well.

Wishing you a secure and joyful holiday season.